6 Tips for Better Electric Bike Riding in Winter

Tips to have a great winter electric bike experience!

It’s December. With brisk winter weather in Southern Utah today, and snow steadily falling in Northern Utah, there are many who keep their bikes stored in their garage. But for those who are itching to ride and seek the adventure of being outdoors–even in the cold–here are a few tips for how to get the most out of riding this winter.

Just like any other winter activity, when properly prepared, riding in the winter can be an exhilarating experience. 

Block the Wind

Keeping the wind off your body is key.  When the temperature is already cold, the windchill from riding an electric bike at 15 mph can turn a chilly ride into a frigid ride. Here are some apparel items that are must-haves to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose:

  • Balaclava – This is the term for a full-hood worn by cyclists.  It covers your head and ears and can be pulled up over your mouth and nose when needed.  They’re not “wind-proof” but they go a long way in taking the bite out of the wind.  If you prefer not to wear a full balaclava you can also wear a skull cap or even a headband over your forehead and ears.  (Sometimes it’s cold enough I wear the balaclava, skull cap, and headband all at the same time).
  • Sport-designed eye glasses – These are essential to keep the bitter wind out of your eyes.  Few things are worse than having your eyes start watering because if the wind and then have your tears freeze around your eyes.
  • Wind-proof gloves – We’ve all felt our fingers get cold even when our body is warm.  Wind-proof gloves will go a long way to keeping your fingers functional.  Mittens are another good option if you don’t need your fingers to shift while riding.
  • Wind-proof jacket – This is probably the most important piece of apparel you will wear.  Keep your core warm!  This is key.  If you get chilled at your core it is impossible to stay warm.
  • Wind-proof pants – This is one of my favorite things to wear in cold weather riding.  My legs always get cold and these are great to keep the wind from really biting into my riding pants (a good pair of thermal riding bibs underneath keep my legs very cozy).
  • Toe-warmers – I always wear wool socks when riding in the winter but my toes still always get cold.  Toe-warmers help; they slide over the toe of your shoes and block the wind from cutting through your shoes to your toes.


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