A Call for Civility

Early this morning at the Corner Canyon trail head a heated mountain bike rider approached us while we were demo-ing eMBT.  Clearly angry, he shouted profanities and demanded we leave.

To make a long story short, the heated rider called the police and the police confirmed that ebike are legal on the trails.

Draper Police confirm electric bicycles are legal on Draper trails.


Here are some take aways from this interaction;

Thanks to the rider who support electric bicycles

Firstly, many thanks to the number of riders who saw the incident and offered us their support.  We appreciate riders who understand that ebikes are about getting more people on bikes.  Additionally, these educated individuals apologized for the actions and tone of the heated rider.

Differences of Opinion

Second, while we understand there maybe differing opinions about ebikes, we hope to foster a civil tone in the discussion.  Shouting profanities and refusing to engage in any kind of dialogue hurts everyone’s bike riding experience.

Know the Facts

Lastly, this is a great opportunity to talk about the laws.  Electric Bicycles, as defined in Federal and Utah code, are allowed anywhere a bicycle can go unless specifically restricted by individual municipalities.  Furthermore, electric bicycles are specifically EXCLUDED from the Utah State definition of a motorized vehicles.

For specifics of the law please read this post.

If you have questions about the laws we would be happy to share information and answer questions. Please call the shop at (801) 666-7644.



Thank You Draper City

We appreciate the City of Draper, Draper Park & Recreation Department, and The Draper Police officers who did a fantastic job handling the situation this morning.  Again, we appreciate our fellow riders who shared their support.  We encourage ebike supporters to respectfully speak up for ebikes.

We will be back at the trail in a few weeks and look forward to sharing ebikes with more riders.