Improving Health of Young Father with eBikes

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Chase loves his ebike and takes it not only to work, but on quick trips to the grocery store.

Chase is a mid-20’s young professional, husband and father.  (Who also wanted me to remind you that he is “ruggedly handsome”.)  Chase wants to improve his health and riding an ebike, he found, is a great way to get exercise without compromising his health.

How eBikes Help Chase Stay Healthy 

1.  What attracted you to ebikes?

I deal with some health problems and the first thing that goes when you have health issues is your exercise routine (which is probably one of the worst things to let go of when you are dealing with health challenges).  I wanted a way to be able to exercise outside in a way that allowed me to listen to my body, and I was nervous about getting too far away and not being able to get back like I could running or on a traditional bike.  That’s when I heard about ebikes and thought they were a perfect solution.

2. How do you use your ebike?

I commute to work 14 miles a day almost everyday.  I also love using it for recreation on the weekends and riding to get milk at the store.

3. How has riding an ebike improved your life?

It has helped my overall health a lot.  It has also given me time to think everyday in a way that driving in a car didn’t.  I would get in my car and be isolated from everything around me, but on my bike I get to enjoy nature and enjoy actually being a part of the outdoors.

4. Describe you first ride on an ebike.

Giggle inducing.  It bubbles up from your belly and you can’t help but to giggle as you feel the acceleration and the wind in your face!

5. What advice would you give to someone considering getting an ebike for themselves?

Just give it a shot.  You only live once and you won’t regret it!