Why I Commute on My eBike

Commuting on my e-bike is good for my waist and good for my wallet

Commuting on my e-bike

I enjoy commuting on my e-bike for lots of reasons.

First, it’s great for my health.  I feel my heart pumping, my circulation flowing, and my muscles working as I peddle my way into work.  I arrive at work feeling invigorated and ready to start the day.  I also appreciate that on my e-bike I don’t have to get completely sweaty in order to feel like I’ve gotten in some exercise for the day.

Next, commuting is a great for my pocket book.  I’m spending less time at the gas station and saving money while I ride.  I commute 15 miles round trip every day.  That’s a gallon of fuel per day that I would be using by driving my car.  At $3.75 per gallon, I’m saving $22.50 each week, $97.50 a month and saving $1,170 a year; just doing something I love to do!

Lastly, I enjoy commuting because it’s a great time to mentally relax.  It’s a great worry-free transition time.  When I’m in my car I’m focused on the person who just cut me off, making the green light, and watching the asphalt mile after mile.  Contrast that to my ride into work on my e-bike; I’m surrounded by nature, breathing fresh air, and enjoying a tree-lined bike path.  As I ride to or from work its a great time to process the concerns of the day and give my brain the freedom to problem solve and sort priorities.

Exercising, saving money, and relaxing are all great reasons to commute on an e-bike.