Early Morning Ride on OHM XS750 Sport

I took the OHM XS750 Sport electric bike on a beautiful trail ride this morning.

eSpokes electric bike OHM SX750 Sport

eSpokes OHM XS750 Sport electric bike above Santa Clara, UT

It performed extremely well on the ride.  The motor kicked in when I needed it but allowed me to do as much work as I wanted.  The motor engagement was smooth and silent.  I never felt like the bike was riding out from underneath me.  The components and fork were more than up to the task and performed without flaw.

I did notice some rattle coming from the battery as I rode over rough terrain, but nothing that concerned me too much.

Normally this bike comes with more of a city/commuting package (fenders, lights, rear rack, and all-purpose tires).  We took all of that off and outfitted it with some Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB flatless mountain bike tires.  This is one of my favorite bikes because of how well it rides, how quiet it is, and the quality of the build.

Overall it was a great ride. To get up early in the morning and enjoy the clean, crisp air of southern Utah is a great way to start the day.

With an electric bike I can enjoy a ride like this in much less time than it would normally take and still get a great work out.  Rather than having to schedule a couple hours to get out and ride, I can drop one child off at the bus stop, go for the ride, and still make it home before the other children have to leave for school.  I would never be able to do this without my electric bike.