Easy Motion Neo Cross Review


Stiff, aggressive and light weight cross-style electric bike with torque sensing rear hub motor
Removable LCD computer interface is intuitive to use and doesn’t get in the way when riding
Battery design requires removal for charging but looks great on bike and balances out weight front to rear


Price: $2,699 USD MSRP
Range: 25-40 miles depending on rider, conditions and pedal assist mode
Top Speed: 20 miles per hour electronically limited
Gearing: 27 speed Shimano Deore 8SP
Weight: 48 pounds with battery
Battery: 36 volt 9 amp hour Lithium-ion pack, integrated into downtube
Charge Time: ~3 hours
Ride Time: ~1 hour throttle only
Charge Cycles: ~1,500, 2 year warranty
Motor: 350 Watt geared rear hub motor
Other: Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes, Suntour NEX HLO fork with lock out, double walled alloy rims, removable LCD screen

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The Neo Cross EN703 combines the performance of stiffer road style bikes with the comfort of a front shock. It’s made by Easy Motion which is a division of BH Bicycles, a company that has been around since 1909. The entire line of electric bikes from Easy Motion rely on the same battery, motor, controller and LCD computer which means that finding and replacing parts is easy and less expensive.


The 300 watt geared, rear hub motor that comes stock on the Neo Cross could be described as mid-level in terms of power but it really shines with this frame and controller setup, especially in pedal assist mode (the bike also offers throttle only mode). The Neo Cross uses a torque sensor to activate the motor when pedaling and this makes acceleration more natural, encouraging the rider to keep going. The ergonomic positioning is also setup much more like any regular road or mountain bike making pedaling comfortable when compared to cruiser style soft seated electric bikes. It’s smooth, quiet and easy to handle, even going up hills.


Since the tires on this bike are mid-sized-slicks there is less resistance slowing things but that also makes the bike a little less comfortable when going over cracks and bumps. This is not a cruiser bike, the riding position is more aggressive and when all things are considered, it’s more of a “rider’s” bike than a moped. If you’re fit and enjoy riding normal bikes around, this bike is going to feel awesome, especially with the added electric boost! If you’re less active and not able to bend forward very well this bike might not be for you.


I love the battery position and design on the full range of Easy Motion’s electric bikes. They’ve used the same battery setup and replacements are only ~$500. It keeps the weight low and spread out on the bike frame vs. rear mounted packs but the one downside is that it has to be removed for charging. It’s not very hard to remove or anything, but as someone who is used to other designs, this bugged me at first.

While the Neo Cross lacks lights, fenders, a chain guard and regenerative braking options. It does it’s own thing very well and comes at a very reasonable price for a higher end electric bike. Don’t let the mid-sized motor fool you, this thing is very efficient. The computer is easy to use and the bike works very well as a bike, electric aside. The pedals are nice and grip well, the paint looks fantastic and the wheels and brakes are very high quality. I’m a fan of the Easy Motion lineup of ebikes and this one is great for sportier riders who want the comfort of a shock and may do occasional light trail riding.


Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear with electronic cutoff to motor
Torque sensing pedal assist provides instant feedback and is “fun” to pedal
Battery is positioned low on the bike’s downtube, distributes weight evenly from front to rear
Front shock works well and provides lock-out for road riding
Integrated wires look great and are kept out of the way
Computer only uses three buttons, is sealed to be water resistant and is easy to use
Single sided kickstand works very well and has adjustable height, stays out of the way
Two year warranty on the battery pack, low replacement cost ~$500
Available in medium and large frame sizes (larger frame is a bit heavier)
Ergonomic grips keep palms and hands comfortable
Four modes of pedal assist for improved battery management and control


No integrated lights, fenders or chain guard
The throttle is a small button vs. twist (it works fine but may take some getting used to)
Rear hub motor is 350 watt vs. larger 500 but still gets great range and works masterfully in pedal assist mode
Rapid fire shifters work well, may be a challenge for riders who are used to twist grip


Easy Motion Neo Cross, Rated 4.5 out of 5
Updated July 14, 2013 by Court Rye


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