Easy Motion Neo Race Review


Advanced road bike styling is light weight and stiff but lacks drop bars
Downtube mounted battery distributes weight low to the ground and across the frame horizontally for good balance and easy transport
Torque sensing pedal assist is smooth, responsive and extremely efficient
Overall quiet, sleek design that works well even in non-electric mode


Price: $2,999 USD MSRP
Range: 30-50 miles depending on rider, conditions and pedal assist mode
Top Speed: 20 miles per hour electronically limited
Gearing: 27 speed Shimano Deore 8SP
Weight: 42 pounds with battery
Battery: 36 volt 9 amp hour Lithium-ion pack, integrated into downtube
Charge Time: ~3 hours
Ride Time: ~1.5 hour throttle only
Charge Cycles: ~1,500, 2 year warranty
Motor: 350 Watt geared rear hub motor
Other: Shimano v-brakes, removable LCD screen, front and rear braze ons for fenders

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The Neo Race is rare and wonderful creation. A high quality road bike with truly seamless electric assist and throttle built right in. What sets it apart are high quality build from a trusted name in bicycles (BH), low center of gravity with integrated lithium ion battery pack, overall light weight (for an ebike) and extensive warranty. If you’re into fast, high performance bicycle riding where you can literally beat cars off the line then this bike will have you floored! And if you’re willing to pay a little bit more to smooth out the ride, Easy Motion has a full carbon version called the Neo Carbon with disc brakes for $4,499… though surprisingly it weighs three pounds more.


I absolutely love road biking. The speed, minimalism and rush of cruising through the air makes me feel fit and untouchable. In the world of electric bikes, most hardware is heavy, clunky and unbalanced but not the Neo Race. It stays true to the road biking values because in essence, it is a road bike. The frame and tires are thin, rider positioning is very aggressive for improved aerodynamics and the light weight v-brakes are high quality from Shimano. The only thing that seems to be lacking is a drop bar vs. traditional flat handlebar.

On to the electric side of this bike… The motor is brushless and geared at 350 watts which puts it at mid-level in terms of power and torque but that keeps it light weight. The battery pack uses Samsung lithium cells which are known for reliability and that’s why BH offers a two year warranty with every bike. At 24 volts the battery is on the lower side power wise but 9 amp hours is pretty standard.


In case you’ve been exploring multiple bikes and are concerned about the lower numbers here I want remind you of the light weight and overall quality build of this bike. It’s smooth, silent and very capable in therms of range, torque and speed. You’ll easy cruise past 20mph at which point the motor cuts out (due to legal regulations). This bike is meant for fit people who want to pedal, if you’re an over weight rider looking for a scooter, this bike will still move you but it will be uncomfortable both in terms of positioning and when going over bumps.

The LCD controller unit lets you choose from four modes of pedal assist, lists speed and distance and is removable. I’m a big fan of this unit because it’s small, intuitive to use with only three buttons and built to be weather proof. The main LCD unit sits on the left side of the handlebar and has an up and down button for choosing modes along with an on/off selector button in the middle. On the right handlebar the rider has a trigger button for driving the bike in throttle mode. It’s a great setup that works well and stays out of the way.


The best part of this bike is the acceleration. When using pedal assist, a torque sensor measures the pressure being applied to the pedals and scales electric input to boost you forward. It literally feels like flying and reminds me of being a little younger when I would ride every day and had extremely strong legs. A few downsides to the bike worth mentioning are the lack of a water bottle mount on the downtube, lack of ability to charge without removing battery pack, no integrated lights, no fenders and no drop bars. The price is reasonable and on par with non-electric road bikes.

For someone who loves speed, wants help with longer rides (staying up with faster friends) or a commuter who wants to slap some fenders on this bike works great. Easy Motion offers several great bikes and this is one of the stiffest and least forgiving over bumps. I recommend using it primarily on road. Battery replacements can be had for ~$500 but shouldn’t be required for at least a year and a half of steady riding.


Stiff, light weight and extremely fast
Intuitive, weather proof LCD computer that’s removable
Torque sensor for use in pedal assist mode, very responsive
Integrated wires, very clean design
Two year battery warranty from BH
Aggressive rider positioning for aerodynamic cruising
Built in braze ons for fenders, rear rack and disc brakes


No drop bars
No water bottle mounts on downtube (get seat post cages)
V-brakes vs. disc
Battery must be removed to charge
No shocks, much bumpier to ride than the Neo Cross or other partial suspension bikes but akin to a traditional road bike


Easy Motion Neo Race, Rated 5 out of 5
Updated July 14, 2013 by Court Rye


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