Easy Motion Neo Street Review


Feature rich city bike with rear rack, lights, fenders and adjustable neck
Light weight frame is stiff and solid, clean design hides wires
Battery cannot be charged on bike, must be removed then plugged in
Front shock, sprung seat and swept back handlebars add lots of comfort


Price: $2,699 USD MSRP
Range: 25-40 miles depending on rider, conditions and pedal assist mode
Top Speed: 20 miles per hour electronically limited
Gearing: 27 speed Shimano Deore 8SP
Weight: 54 pounds with battery
Battery: 36 volt 9 amp hour Lithium-ion pack, integrated into downtube
Charge Time: ~3 hours
Ride Time: ~1 hour throttle only
Charge Cycles: ~1,500, 2 year warranty
Motor: 350 Watt geared rear hub motor
Other: Promax v-brakes, removable LCD screen, rear rack with built in bungee, front and rear lights, Suntour shock

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The Neo Street is one of Easy Motion’s most complete, fully featured, electric bikes. It includes nearly everything you could want in a city style electric bike except for mounts to add a water bottle cage. Literally, this bike has it all and more importantly, it rides great and looks amazing. Since it’s manufactured by BH, a bicycle company from Spain that has been around since 1909, it also benefits from being a great standalone bike with solid components.


All electric bikes face the same challenge; how do you mount a motor, controller and battery pack to a bicycle frame without making it unstable. The key is to keep the center of gravity low and spread weight out from front to rear. The Easy Motion Neo Street (and all Easy Motion bikes) accomplish this through the use of a custom battery pack that mounts to the downtube. This long, thin pack is purpose-built which makes it more expensive but because BH uses the same pack on all of their bikes, they are able to sell it for less and even offer replacements for $500 which is amazing!


Just looking at the pictures, it’s clear that this bike has it all and I can attest that they weren’t just checking the box when they added lights, fenders, the rack and the swept back handlebars with ergonomic grips. These are all made with high quality parts and function well. I’ve ridden bikes that have jittery front lights mounted to fenders and others that have noisy rattly fenders or weak racks that don’t work with normal sized panniers. That’s not the case with the Neo Street, it’s all good stuff and the lights even runs off of a dynamo which keeps them lasting longer and saves money on individual batteries.


The motor on this bike offers 350 watts of power which is middle of the line. There are lots of other bikes out there with 500w motors but they suffer from weight distribution issues (or overall weight of the bike!) that cause the motor to work harder and the bike to be less stable. If you’re a very large rider this bike may not offer the power desired but for many people it will work just fine.

The best way to ride this bike to maximize distance is by pedaling with the torque sensing pedal assist feature. The battery pack provides 9 amp hours which is again, middle of the line, but the stiff frame, smooth rolling tires and overall light weight help it coast quite far. The battery pack does have to be removed for charging but it’s easy to do and once it’s on the bike, it gets locked on and the keys don’t have to be left in as with many other ebikes. Both the motor and the LCD computer are removable so theft becomes less of a concern and that protects both items from the elements.

Overall this bike is fun to ride, smooth and comfortable because of the front shock, soft seat and swept back handlebars and it works very well. BH is a trusted brand that has a lot of experience with bikes and they really nailed it with the Neo Street. The price is also quite good and the two year battery warranty is hard to beat.


Wonderful feature set is also high quality: fenders, lights, rear rack with bungee, ergonomic grips, tool-less adjustable neck
Chain guard keeps pants clean and snag-free when riding with pants
Solid, stiff frame does not bend or sway as some larger, heavier bikes do
Overall light weight considering all of the features
Excellent torque-sensing pedal assist mode is very efficient
Motor is very quiet
LCD computer is easy to use (only three buttons) and weather resistant


No water bottle mounting points
V-brakes instead of disc brakes
Battery has to be removed when charging
Twist throttle mode works well but doesn’t offer the most torque or acceleration
Medium sized 350 watt motor and 36 volt battery might feel weak to larger sized riders


Easy Motion Neo Street, Rated 5 out of 5
Updated July 20, 2013 by Court Rye


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