eBikes Utah – The Batteries of Electric Bikes

In this eBikes video taken in our Utah showroom, we discuss the difference between the batteries in two electric bikes.

The Difference between Batteries in Electric Bikes – Utah Showroom Video

Most electric bikes will have a battery either in the rear rack or in the down tube to the front of the bike.  Batteries can vary in voltage and amperage.  In this instance there we show a 36 volt 10 amp battery and a 36 volt 14 amp battery.  All that means is that you have more capacity with the higher amperage.  The higher the amp hours the more capacity, the further you can go before recharging.  In other words you get more riding time.

With the larger physical battery which is 36 volt 10 amp, the range will be 25 – 35 miles depending upon how the bicycle is ridden.  With the smaller physical battery at 36 volt 14 amps, the capacity is more likely to be in the 35 to 45 mile range.

The Difference between Batteries in Electric BikesCounter intuitively the smaller battery has a bigger range before recharging.  The reason for this is the battery technology that is used.  The smaller higher capacity battery is more expensive, probably in the region of $1,000 whilst the lower tech battery are closer to $400.

Also in the higher tech bicycle, the battery is less obvious to the point where it is not even apparent that it is not a regular bicycle.  It is completely possible to go uphill racing by people riding regular bicycles without them having a clue that you have assistance.  What could be more fun?

When it comes to charging time, batteries typically take about four hours to fully charge.  All the bikes are lithium based and do not need to be fully discharged before re-charging.  In fact, it is better to not completely discharge them but simply recharge or top them up after a ride.

The life span of a battery is about five years and then depending on performance they may need to be replaced.  All the batteries are easy to remove from the bikes.