Electric Bicycles Open Up Bike Riding to Everyone in Salt Lake City, Utah with New Store

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The world of bicycle riding is changing for the better with the invention and development of electric bicycles. eSpokes is proud to open a new store in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, featuring this ground breaking new bike riding experience, as well as a full line of conventional bicycle options for the whole family.

A Bicycle for the Rest of Us

Many people love the idea of riding bicycles. But then they buy a shiny new toy and it sits in the garage for years because of this sad hard fact—Riding bikes can be a lot of hard work. Sometimes riding bikes are not fun! Dare I say it?

This is why we at eSpokes strongly recommend to everyone who walks in the door that they give an electric bicycle a test ride. Electric bikes can make the difference between an investment that gets used and one that gets ignored. Why? Because e-bikes are a lot of fun!

What Exactly are Electric Bikes?

Electric bicycles have a motor on them that is charged prior to riding. This motor gives you a little boost in the more challenging part of your ride, like hills, and when that pesky wind hits you in the face. Let’s admit it, those parts of bicycle ride are not your favorite parts. Which is why electric bicycles are growing in popularity and why they can be such a great form of transportation and exercise.

Are Electric Bicycles Good Forms of Exercise?

Wait a second. If they have a motor, and they make bike riding easier, are they really a useful form of exercise. Our emphatic answer—Yes!

Exercise doesn’t and shouldn’t be a drag. In fact, you’re far more likely to engage in exercise that you enjoy. We have found that our clients love riding their electric bikes far more than conventional bicycles because they have more fun riding them. It’s that simple. Which is why we recommend electric bicycles to all of our friends. They’re enjoyable and they’re better for you in the long run. And they’re a better investment because they’re less likely to sit there unused in the corner of your shed.

Electric Bikes Salt Lake City – eSpokes Daybreak on Why Have an Electric Bicycle

Love Riding an Electric Bicycle in Salt Lake City, Utah

eSpokes was started in Saint George, Utah by David Rasmussen in 2012. He realized that that electric bicycle could help many people learn to love bicycle riding and that this in turn would change people’s lives for the better.

In case you didn’t guess, we at eSpokes love bicycle riding. We feel passionately that spending time outside, getting exercise, and spending time with others are activities that are in decline in our society, but obviously shouldn’t be. So we feel that if we can encourage people do more of these recreations then we’re doing something good for our community.

Difficult Salt Lake City Riding Conditions

Here in the Salt Lake valley we enjoy spectacular views of white tipped mountains. There’s no better place to get out on a bicycle. But we also have high altitude. We have hot weather in the summer and frigidly cold weather in the winter. And like most places in the world, we have our share of hills and wind.

These conditions can make riding a bicycle literally impossible for many people with health problems, injuries, or people of certain ages. We believe that you shouldn’t be limited from enjoying the pleasures of bike riding. For those who aren’t elite athletes, which is most of the population, the electric bicycle opens up bicycle riding to everyone.

Haibike Electric Bike in Salt Lake City, Utah

Haibike Electric Bicycle at eSpokes in the Salt Lake City area store.

Who Rides an Electric Bike?

We have seen electric bicycles change the lives for many wonderful people in the couple of years that we’ve been in business.

We’ve seen people struggling with the ravages of cancer be able to get outside and be with their family and experience the joy of riding in the fresh air.

We’ve seen people with knee injuries rehabilitate their legs with the help of professionals.

We’ve seen people with diabetes affect their health for the better with e-bikes.

We’ve seen people with heart conditions that couldn’t ride conventional bicycles come and get the exercise they need.

We have witnessed fathers that can go mountain biking with their sons, allowing them to maintain the same pace as younger riders on conventional bikes

Electric Bicycles Are Not Built For Speed

One of the concerns that people have about electric bicycles is that they think they are too fast. Although it is certainly true that with an electric bicycle you will likely go slightly faster on average since you’ll have the extra help with the electric motor. But the difference is not something significant.

Electric bikes are not built to go faster than 20 miles an hour, which isn’t faster than you would see a conventional bike going. E-bikes are designed to help people go the same speed as other riders. So if you’re riding in a bicycle riding event, or riding with family members who might be in better physical shape than you, you don’t need to be fearful that you won’t be able to keep up.

Salt Lake City Electric Bicycles Components by eSpokesElectric bikes even the playing field. They make bicycle riding entertaining for everyone.

Test Ride an Electric Bicycle in Salt Lake Today

So come in and find out for yourself if bicycle riding is something for you. Most of us aren’t in optimal shape. Most of us have health conditions that cause us challenges. Most of us need a little extra help on the hills. Which is why electric bicycles are such an exciting innovation and something that must be experienced to be understood.

We’re sure you have questions. Come into eSpokes here in the Salt Lake valley area and get those questions answered. We have bicycle experts on hand who will be happy to discuss any and all questions that you may have.

Give one of our e-bikes a test ride. We can also rent bikes for the day. Find out of if the electric bicycle is right for you.