eSpokes Offers Electric Bicycles in Daybreak, South Jordan, Utah at SoDa Row

eSpokes in Daybreak South Jordan, Utah

eSpokes in Daybreak South Jordan, Utah

eSpokes is thrilled to announce the launch of it’s first store in the Salt Lake Valley area, in Daybreak, South Jordan, Utah, in the SoDa Row shopping area. Learn about what makes eSpokes a special bike store, and why the electric bicycle opens up bicycling to the other 95% of us.

eSpokes Joins the Community of Cyclists in Daybreak, South Jordan, Utah

Daybreak is an exciting location for our company. Daybreak was built to be a biking community. “Just here within Daybreak itself,” David Rasmussen, the owner of eSpokes, explains, “there are 22 miles of paved bike paths, let alone the extra wide sidewalks.”

There’s no question that many of the people who choose to live in the Daybreak community in the city of South Jordan, Utah love to ride bicycles, both individually, and as a family. With it’s access to the light rail, many people here in the Daybreak area choose to commute to work, drive their cars less, and walk and bike more.

eSpokes at SoDa Row in Daybreak

11259 Kestrel Rise Road #300
South Jordan, Utah 84095


Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 4 PM

Sunday – Monday: Closed

Indeed, cycling is more than just an encouraged practice or form of transportation in the Daybreak area. It’s a lifestyle! Which made David feel that it made it a great fit for a bike store, especially a store as great as eSpokes.

eSpokes in South Jordan Offers Something Special—The Electric Bicycle

Welcome to SoDa Row

Cake at the Grand Opening

The residents of Daybreak as well as those in the surrounding areas like Riverton, Herriman, and Draper, will find that eSpokes is indeed a great bike store. It has a full selection of bicycles of all kinds, bicycle accessories, a bike repair shop, and it also provides bicycle rental. But it’s more than that.

eSpokes features one of the newest innovations in bicycle technology—the electric bicycle or e-bike. This incredible new bicycle has a motor on it that gives an extra push as you ride. This makes riding an electric bike easier than riding a conventional bike.

Are Electric Bikes Cheating?

One would think that since electric bicycles are easier to ride than normal bikes that they are therefore less healthy. It does seem like it’s cheating, doesn’t it? But this isn’t actually the case. Studies show that people with electric bikes actually get more exercise for one very important reason—they’re fun!

“How many of us have bought bikes and they pile up in the garage?” asks David. “With an electric bike, you actually ride it.” Which is why so many residents in the south Salt Lake area are so excited to have an eSpokes in their area.

Electric Bikes Allow the Other 95% to Become Bike Riders

What’s great about electric bicycles is that they have opened up this sport to what was once relegated to the very athletic. David explains: “It expands the scope of cycling to, you know, the other 95% of the population who may not be able ride a bike for various reasons.”

Easy Motion Electric Bicycle at eSpokes in South Jordan, Utah

The Easy Motion Neo Electric Fitness Bike

Some of the reasons that many people don’t or can’t ride traditional bicycles:

  • They might have a physical illness that limits their stamina.
  • They might have a physical disability that makes typical bikes impossible.
  • They may have an injury that will be aggravated by the rigors of a regular bike.
  • They may be elderly and no longer have the endurance for conventional bikes.
  • They may live in an area that is very hilly making regular biking not feasible.
  • There may be a lot of wind or poor weather in their area that makes bike riding unpleasant.


Doctors and physical therapists are seeing the lives of their patients transformed by electric bicycles and they’re coming into eSpokes to find how they work and how they can recommend them to more of their clients.

Come Into eSpokes in Daybreak, South Jordan Today!

To really understand what an electric bike is you have to experience it. Come in today for a test ride here in Daybreak. Try renting one for a day. Get your questions answered. Find out how an electric bicycle or conventional bicycle can fit into your lifestyle. A friendly eSpokes staff member is ready to answer your questions.