Freedom to Ride

Electric bikes give you the freedom to ride!  With an ebike from eSpokes you can get out and ride your way.  Don’t worry about the hills, the headwinds, or catching your breath.  You are in full control.  You get to choose how you want to ride.  These are not the ebikes of yesteryear.  They are beautiful, comfortable, and easy to ride.
We are committed to providing you with an outstanding electric bike experience. We love riding ebikes and want you to feel the same. We invite you to come in and experience an ebike today. Test rides are free.

Focus Electric Bikes eSpokes Utah

Focus Electric Bikes

FOCUS brings the passion, performance and perfection of its German Engineered philosophy to the world of electric bikes. The purity of this ethos is maintained through developing frames and drive units in-house. This approach means FOCUS can control every aspect of its well-thought-out machines, without compromise.

Sporty biking without the hard work. How does that sound? You can experience the fun of off-roading on difficult trails and breathtaking descents without being at the peak of fitness.

On the daily commute or a vacation tour, with the FOCUS ebikes you can master long distances, any time, any place, with no stress. That’s when cycling is real fun!

Kalkhoff Electric bikes at eSpokes

Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

Kalkhoff is the leader in premium electric commuter bikes with unparalleled technology and performance capabilities. All Kalkhoff electric bikes are designed, manufactured and individually assembled in Germany for the highest quality standards and seamless integration.

Blurring the lines between luxury and utility, Kalkhoff electric bikes are the best in their class with the most powerful, yet silent, motors and batteries available. With up to 127 mile range on one charge, it is clear that Kalkhoff sets the standard for electric bikes.

Gazelle Electric Bikes eSpokes Utah

Gazelle Electric Bikes

Enjoy the open air, feel the wind in your hair, and clear your head: cycling
re-energizes you. As long ago as 1892, Gazelle was already making the finest quality
bicycles, providing the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible.

Gazelle bikes are made in The Netherlands and are a symbol of the classic Dutch
style. With a heritage of excellence and powered by Bosch, Gazelle electric bikes
are designed for urban life, complete with bike locks, scratch resistant paint, and
detachable displays.

Pedego Electric bikes at eSpokes

Pedego Electric Bikes

“The most important part of every Pedego isn’t some high-tech gadget or some fancy bicycle component, it’s the person riding it. Everything we do is focused on the actual experience of buying and owning a Pedego and all the joy it can bring into your life.

“Our motto is Hello, Fun! If a Pedego owner is merely satisfied then we’ve let them down. Satisfied isn’t good enough for us. It’s our policy to do whatever it takes to make sure that every single Pedego customer is delighted with their bike and the overall experience.

“Every hour of every day, somewhere on earth someone is falling in love with a Pedego and rediscovering the simple joy of riding a bicycle.” – Don DiConstanzo, President of Pedego Electric Bikes

Easy Motion Electric bikes at eSpokes

Easy Motion Electric Bikes

What makes the Easy Motion so special is its innovative design. Extensive time and effort have gone into concealing the Samsung lithium ion battery into the frame (select models). This along with internal routing of wires and small hub motor, come together to make what is arguably the most elegant looking electric bicycle on the market.

In an ever-expanding crop of me-too electric bikes, Easy Motion offers a cutting edge, innovative, unique electric bicycle that won’t break the bank. No matter what the application, we have a model to suit your needs.

Felt Electric bikes at eSpokes

Felt Electric Bikes

Felt Electric empowers riders to go beyond, to explore more, and to enjoy the freedom electric bikes have to offer. All seven of Felt’s electric-assist models are equipped with the industry-leading Bosch eDrive System, designed to make any commute, road or trail ride easier.

Since their beginnings in 1991, Felt Bicycles’ mission has been to design, develop, and deliver the best bikes in the world. The Felt line of eBikes are exceptionally light, have power and endurance, while still delivering the great riding experience the brand is world famous for.

Feel empowered. Change the way you see the world with Felt Electric.

Xtracycle Electric bikes at eSpokes

Xtracycle Electric Bikes

You’ll feel like you’re riding a bike, only with superhuman strength! And, of course, you’ll be able to carry virtually anything. Take your kids to the top of the tallest hill or carry your climbing gear and a friend to your favorite bouldering spot. It’s easy! Turn it on, adjust the support level, and ride like the wind! Flatten hills, carry kids and cargo, and extend your own range. Bosch-powered Xtracycle Edgerunners will take you wherever you want to go.