eSpokes Electric Bikes at Swiss Days

Community is an important value for eSpokes. We recognize that the places we live and work are important and we appreciate the opportunity to help with community events whenever possible.

Last week Santa Clara celebrated their Swiss heritage with Swiss Days. We were happy to sponsor the event. We enjoyed meeting neighbors at the community dinner Thursday night and although we could only vicariously participate in Friday and Saturday’s events, we want to share some pictures from years past.

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Santa Clara Swiss Days are full of traditions.

Swiss Days always delivers on fun and friends. The events start Thursday with a community dinner fundraiser, and the proceded help the well-designed museum that is located in the ground floor of the city office building off the main street.

Throughour the evening there is live music, performance groups, kids activities, vendor booths,a 5K run, and a parade. It’s an event that draws locals and neighbors from a far.

We congratulation Santa Clara on their efforts to continute traditions, celebrate their roots, and better our community.

eSpokes electric bikes

eSpokes Electric Bikes’ booth at Santa Clara Swiss Days