How to Extend Your eBike Battery Life in 5 Steps

Even with snow on the ground in parts of the state, an occasional sunny day and break in the clouds means ebike riding is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about our eBike battery care. Here are 5 Steps to extend your ebike battery life.

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eBike Battery Care

1. Charge your battery frequently.

If you completely drain your battery be sure to charge it immediately. Leaving a dead battery without charging it can “brick” your battery and it will not charge.

2. Keep your battery comfortable

Avoid freezing and extreme temperatures.

3. Stay in Sync

Periodicially perform a sync cycle with your battery and ebike. Fully charge the battery, fully discharge the battery, then fully charge the battery again. This helps to sync your battery with the entire ebike system.

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4. Battery Storage

If you are going to store your battery for an extended period of time it is best to store it at 70-80% charge.

5. Don’t change it up

Use only the battery provided by the ebike manufacturer for use on your bike. Do not alter or modify your battery in any way. Play it safe.

Following these eBike Battery Care guidelines will help ensure your ebike battery has a long life.

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Photos courtesy of Kalkhoff, Pedego, Easy Motion, Xtracycle, Focus, and Bosche.