2016 Dixie Transportation Expo

The 2016 Dixie Transportation Expo is about sharing information. Various government entities came together and showcase their transportation projects. Some of the topics include commuting in Southern Utah, preventing distracted driving, and road construction plans. One of the best aspects of the expo is the opportunity for public comments. Why were we there? eSpokes Electric Bikes participated as part of the Southern Utah Bicycle Alliance efforts to encourage the public to use bicycles and ebikes for transportation.

St. George City Active Transportation Plan

We are really excited about the St. George City Active Transportation Plan. The plan looks at all aspects and means of transportation including; St. George Parks and Trails, the SunTran bus system, and the airport.

eSpokes Electric Bikes at Dixie Transportation Expo

Participants at the 2016 Dixie Transportation Expo learn about ways municipalities are working to keep roads safer.

eBikes at the Dixie Transportation Expo

eSpokes’ Klakhoff Include was part of a bicycle display illustrating the range of cycling opportunities in Washington County. The Southern Utah Bike Alliance (SUBA) encouraged people to not only think of bikes as transportation, but also, provided information for the general public on bike safety. It’s exciting to see how ebikes are changing how Southern Utah is commuting to and from work.

eSpokes Electric Bikes at Dixie Transportation Expo

Kalkhoff Include reminds participants that bikes are a form of transportation at the Dixie Transportation Expo

Watch St. George News’ quick summary video of the Expo and you’ll even see our own Megan representing eSpokes.

Short-term, long-term road, transportation projects planned for Dixie

If you have any questions about how to find the right commuting ebike for you, please feel free to call or visit our store at 476 E. Riverside Drive.

eSpokes Electric Bikes at the Dixie Transportation Expo

Electric bikes as commuter vehicles are part of the solution for transportation challenges throughout Southern Utah.