Koni, Mother of 5, rides the Xtracycle Electric Cargo Bike

Koni is a busy mother of five. Her active children ages 2-10 are involved in lots of activities including pre-school, elementary school, basketball, tumbling, dance, art classes, and did I mention, lots of homework?  Somehow between the busy schedules of her adorable brood she finds time to exercise every day and even inspires others to live healthy lives through her Instagram feed; Simple_Healthy_Living.

When we were looking for someone to do a real-life product review, we knew Koni was the one. Koni, who ran her first marathon last year, was excited at the prospect of augmenting her exercise routine with an electric cargo bike that could also fit her children.

The Xtracycle features a Hooptie made of 2 steel brackets and 2 aluminum U-tubes that create the perfect space for cargo-including our most precious cargo- children. It carries up to three children. (Always refer to the deck load limit of your ebike when transporting children on the deck. ) It also has an inner hand-rail and outer protection rail that helps protect precious cargo on every ride. Another favorite feature in the RunningBoard foot supports.

Koni was all smiles after her initial ride.  The more she rode it, the more she loved it. She took the Xtrcycle to the local organic farmers’ market, the park, and around the neighborhood. Her favorite feature? The ability to exercise while hearing the joy of her children as they rode in the back.

We think any real-life product review sounds best from the person who experienced it. Check out the video of Koni’s Xtracycle Electric Cargo Bike experience!