March Madness! Bike Races and Rides in Southern Utah

March Madness is right! Southern Utah has already kicked off its bike race season and there is a lot more racing to come.

We want to congratulate all the riders and race organizers. Putting together any event is a major undertaking. Althought we specialize in ebikes, we are first and foremost a bike store and we are happy to support and cheer on all bike riders.

If you missed the action, here’s a recap of the exciting weekend. Saturday was both the True Grit race in St. George and Santa Clara and the Mesquite Maddness. First, let’s talk about True Grit.

True Grit

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True Grit Epic mountain bike race, St. George, Utah, Mar. 14, 2015 | Photo by Robert Hoppie,, St. George News

True Grit is a tough race. Their website describes the ride:
“Our tag line is not a joke, this is a tough race. It is a mountain bikers race. The first 20 miles are over rocky and steep terrain that requires excellent bike handling skills and upper body strength. We are not telling you this to scare you. We have first time racers that do really well on this course, you will just want to train properly and if you are spending the winter on a trainer add some upper body strength training to feel your best at this early season race.”



Riders competed in the 6th Annual True Grit Epic mountain bike racein St. George and Santa Clara, Utah, Mar. 12, 2016. Photo by Don Gilman, St. George News

The race course was a closed course, meaning spectators couldn’t be on the trails. It’s very important to be respectful of all trails. Trail Stewardship is critical. (Look for a post from us, soon, about Trail Stewardship. It’s for everyone.) In fact, the ride organizers issued this statement about the trails:

“We are able to obtain a permit every year to host this event because of many special protection measure that we take to avoid harming any adjacent habitat. First and foremost research has shown that in general mountain bike racers are more aware and concerned for their outdoor environment. Please take a moment to learn about the local St george area and the sensitive habitat you will be traveling through.

To read more about the event and see more pictures, visit these related links from St. George News. For more information about True Grit please visit

Althought the race doesn’t start in Utah, the Mesquite Madness road race, takes place in our sister city of Mesquite and covers beautiful Utah scenery, so we thought it fair to mention this intense race, too.

Mesquite Madness

If road riding is more your style, the Mesquite Madness is advertized as the first ride of the season. (It, too, took place on Saturday.) It’s a chance to get your riding legs back and ready for more spring/summer riding. It, too, is a tough course. The rides are the Citizen’s Class (35 miles), The Metric Century (65 miles), and the Top of the Hill (90 miles). Each rest stop has a game with prizes.

The nice part of the ride is that while most places are still frozen, riders can take advantage of the mild temperatures in Mesquite, Nevada.

Our cycling friends who rode this year reported that it was an intense but fun ride.

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With mild winter weather, the Mesquite Madness ride is a great way to start the season. Photo: Ride Southern Utah

If you are making goals and planning rides for next year, consider adding this ride to your itinerary. See the Ride Southern Utah website here for more deatils.

Intermountain Cup Red Rock Rampage

The beginning of the month was the start of the Intermoutain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series. The Red Rock Rampage was held in St. George on March 5th. The series has 10 more races throughout Utah with the Cactus Hugger on April 2nd in St. George. Check out their website for registration details.

The great part about this series is that there are races for all age groups and abilities. Even the littles can get in on the fun. Check out their Facebook page for more pictures.


Photo by Select Vision

Hurrican Mountain Bike Festival

And if you aren’t already inspired to register for a ride, there is one more mountain bike event in Southern Utah this month. The 6th Annual Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival will be held this weekend March 18th-20th. There will be a pump track for the little ones, so bring them along for the fun. We want to see pictures, so if you go, please send us your pictures.

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The Hurricane Mountin Bike Festival will be held March 18-20th

Whew! If you made it all the way to the end of this post, congratulations. Four races/rides is a lot of bike riding to cover. There’s no question, March biking in Southern Utah is an awesome kind of Madness.