Pedego 24 Review


Smaller version of the full sized Pedego Cruiser Step-Through, lighter and easier to handle for petite riders
Durable, reliable, powerful and extremely quiet to ride
Unassuming design looks like a laid back cruiser and comes in many fun color choices
No pedal assist or fenders… but the high power 500 watt motor makes up for it and the rear battery mount keeps your back dry


Price: $1,995.00 MSRP USD with optional $295 15 amp hour battery upgrade (makes the bike go ~50% further)
Range: 18 to 35 miles per charge depending on rider, terrain and wind
Top Speed: 20 miles per hour electronically limited
Gearing: six speed Shimano with thumb shifter on right
Weight: 50lbs complete, 45lb bike frame only
Battery: 10 amp hour 36v lithium ion battery with 15 amp hour upgrade
Charge Time: ~4 hours for a full charge from empty
Ride Time: varies by rider and terrain but 1.5+ hours easy
Charge Cycles: 1,500+
Motor: 500w brushless, gearless hub motor on rear wheel
Other: comes standard with a great bell to let others know you are coming, chain guard keeps pants clean

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The Pedego 24″ Electric Bike is perfect for smaller riders. It was specifically designed with ladies in mind and only comes in the step through design. It’s the lightest weight ebike Pedego makes but still comes with the strong 500 Watt gearless hub motor and powerful 36 Volt 10 amp hour Lithium-ion battery.

It’s hard to go wrong with any Pedego electric bike but the Comfort Cruiser design (from which the 24″ was modeled) has been around for many years and is very reliable. All of the kinks have been worked out and that’s clear when you take it out for a spin. These bikes are often used as rentals, so you know they’re tough, and even though the price tag is higher than some other ebikes, the components are built to last and are modular which makes them easy to fix.


One of my favorite aspects of this bike is the way it looks; very unassuming. It’s easy to mistake for a regular bike and the quiet motor further supports that impression. The brushless non-geared 500w motor is built right into the rear hub and provides lots of power for hills and heavy loads. It creates a feeling of control and confidence not found in lower end bikes. While this bike does lack pedal assist mode, that actually makes it simpler to ride and focuses you on the road vs. controlling a computer.

The front wheel has a sturdy disc brake and the rear wheel uses a drum brake built right into the hub motor. The hub motor has a little spot for adding oil but really shouldn’t require much maintenance and also comes with a key so you can lock it onto the bike for security. If you do lock the rear hub however, make sure to unlock it before riding to avoid damaging the bike. Overall, this bike is utilitarian and designed for easy maintenance but the fun colors and styling make it feel special and unique.


The tires on this bike are one of its best features. They are extra large to help absorb bumps and cracks and also come pre-Slimed to help you deal with any thorns or glass. The seating position is more upright which eases your neck and shoulders when riding and also makes you taller. Your head is free to look around and enjoy the scenery or ride defensively in heavy traffic situations. The seat is soft and has built in springs which also smoothes out the ride and makes it comfortable over long distances.

There are very few options for smaller people in the world of electric bikes outside of using a conversion kit. If you do go that route, it requires a lot of work, may be harder to get parts for and can end up being more expensive than a fully assembled ebike. Pedego listened to their female customers and produced a wonderful bike here that delivers all of the benefits of their time-tested Classic and Step-Through Cruisers at the same reasonable price with several fun colors to choose from. Check out the full review of the Pedego Cruiser which also comes in a stepthrough design if you’re interested in more details about this line or the larger version of this bike.


One of the few small-sized electric bikes available from any company
Lighter than any other Pedego bike
Comes in several great colors
Option to upgrade to 15ah battery for 50% more range
Solid, integrated design is tough but rides smooth
High end front wheel Avid disc brake provides good stopping power when combined with rear wheel drum brake
Lithium-ion battery is light, provides great range and lasts years before degrading, ~1,500+ charge cycles
Integrated chain cover protects pants
Powerful 500w motor easily climbs hills and provides good torque, also provides great range
Brushless motor lasts longer, quieter when coasting
Smooth ride provided through a combination of larger tires, soft sprung seat and swept-back handlebars
Battery and rear hub lock to bike for security, won’t start without key
Front wires are well organized, protected and grouped together also integrated into top tube
Modular electronics make replacing parts easier


No integrated lights or computer
No pedal assist option
Chain protector gets bent easily if stepped on
Shifter is a bit untraditional, sort of a rapid fire hybrid that takes some getting used to and may be distracting at first
Rear brake is a drum brake that doesn’t offer quite as much stopping power as the front disc brake
Rear rack mostly taken up by battery, larger tubing makes panniers tough to attach, also no side guard for rear wheel when using panniers
Key has to be kept in when riding the bike, easier to forget or damage
No water bottle mount, have to use a velcro add-on or bar adapter


Pedego 24, Rated 4.5 out of 5
Updated April 6, 2013 by Court Rye


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