Pedego Electric Bicycles

Pedego electric bikes are designed in California and built with quality, name brand components from the ground up. There are plenty of good reasons to ride a Pedego, but the best reason is simple… It’s fun! That’s why Pedego owners don’t like their bikes–they love them.

Comfort Cruiser

$2,295 – $3,195

The Pedego Comfort Cruiser is one of America’s most beloved electric bicycles — with new improvements that make it even more lovable.

Pedego 24 Comfort Cruiser

24″ Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser

Pedego Comfort Cruiser Electric Bike

26″ Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser

Pedego Classic Comfort Cruiser

Classic Comfort Cruiser


$2,995 – $3,295

The Pedego Interceptor is an electric bike that has it all — combining beach cruiser comfort and style with breathtaking performance and user friendly features.

Pedego 24 Interceptor Electric Bike

24″ Step-Thru Interceptor

Pedego Step-Thru Interceptor Electric Bike

26″ Step-Thru Interceptor

Pedego Classic Interceptor Electric Bike

Classic Interceptor

City Commuter

$2,995 – $3,295

The Pedego City Commuter is a complete package with everything you could possibly want in an electric bike — all in one place for a reasonable price.

Pedego 26 Step-Thru City Commuter Electric Bike

26″ Step-Thru City Commuter

Pedego 26 Classic City Commuter Electric Bike

26″ Classic City Commuter

Pedego 28 Step-Thru City Commuter Electric Bike

28″ Step-Thru City Commuter

Pedego 28 Classic City Commuter Electric Bike

28″ Classic City Commuter


$2,295 – $3,295

The Pedego Boomerang is the most accessible electric bicycle ever — making riding more fun and easy for everyone.

Pedego Boomerang Electric Bike


Pedego Boomerang Plus Electric Bike

Boomerang Plus