Watch eSpokes Flipagram: Fat Tire eBike in Snow

We always say the best way to truly experience an ebike is to test ride it.  There aren’t a lot of words that describe the sensation of riding an ebike for the first time.  Lots of folks say it feels like they have bionic legs.  Other say they feel like they’re flying.  Some just say “This is the coolest thing ever!”.

For those of you at the Western Hunting and Conservtion Expo, this is your lucky day.  You can meet us at the Main Extrance by West Temple and our team will transport you to some great trails above Salt Lake City.  It’s the best way to experience an ebike-on natural terraine.

If you haven’t had a test ride, perhaps pictures of us riding the bike will get your inspired to come and test ride for yourself.

Here’s a link to our flipagram:

Be inspired!


Riding this Felt Electric Fat tire bike in the snow was a thrill!