St. Patrick’s Day Fun Ride

At eSpokes Electric Bicycles, we like to have fun.  And nothing is more fun than a Fun Ride! Whether its a Night Light Ride in December where we decorate bikes with strands of lights, or a Love Ride where we ride with those we love, a fun ride is just as the name suggests; fun!

This Thursday is eSpokes’ St. Patrick’s Day Fun Ride.  We will be meeting at eSpokes St. George at 5pm and riding to Sun River’s Hanks’s Riverwalk Grill for an Irish-inspired meal. (To get a feel for the menu, check out the link here.  Fun Rides are a great opportunity to ride bikes, meet new people, socialize and have a good time.

Participants from our last fun ride sent us the following card after the ride, “Thank you both so much for leading us on that great bike ride last Saturday.  We really enjoyed getting to know you and the other riders.  The cinnamon rolls were a wonderful treat too.  Thank you.  We hope to be able to join you on future rides.  Signed, Loving our ebikes!”

If you’ve missed past rides, here are some photos of the fun.

Love Ride 2014

eSpokes Electric Bikes Fun Ride

Riders gathered to ride to the hobby airplane flying event.


Night Light Ride 2014

Night Light Ride 2014

Love Ride 2015

eSpokes Electric Bicycles

Night Light Ride 2015

eSpokes Electric Bicycles

eSpokes Electric Bicycles

Click on the name to read more about past fun rides such as the Night Light Fun Ride in December, and the Love Ride in February.

We hope to see you on Thursday.  If not, know that you’ll have one more opportunity.  We are already working on our fun ride in April–the last group ride before the heat hits St. George.  Then, we’ll shift our focus North to our Daybreak/South Jordan store and plan some fun rides and activites there.

See you Thursday!