Stromer ST1 Platinum Review


High quality components, beautiful clean aesthetic, pedal assist only
Powerful 500 watt gearless rear hub motor with regenerative braking
Upgraded 27 gears, top speed of 27mph, 14.5 amp hour battery and front fork shock option as compared with Stromer ST1 Elite
Heavier and more expensive than comparable electric bikes


Price: $3,999.00 USD MSRP
Range: 40 to 55 miles with pedal assist
Top Speed: 27 miles per hour electronically limited
Gearing: 27 speed Shimano XT, rapid fire shifters
Weight: ~62 lbs with battery, varies a bit by frame size
Battery: 36 volt, 14.5 amp hour Samsung deep discharge 18650 Li-NMC dry cylindrical cells, $700 replacement
Charge Time: ~4 hours
Ride Time: ~1.5 hours depending on rider, terrain and wind
Charge Cycles: ~700 cycles, comes with a 3 year warranty
Motor: 500 watt brushless, gearless direct-drive rear hub motor runs at 600 watts and offers regenerative braking
Other: carbon fiber fork or optional suspension fork, Magura MT2 hydraulic disc brakes, Welgo pedals, Schwalbe BigBen tires, available in black, white or red, optional city kit with front and rear lights, kickstand, mudgaurds and rack with basket system, available in step-through and 16.5″ or 20″ frame sizes

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The Stromer ST1 Platinum is the top of the line offering from Stromer offering more gears, a higher top speed, better range, front shock option and an extra color to choose from… and the price difference is $600. This is a well designed bike that rides smooth and looks amazing. It does not offer twist throttle mode which means you’ll have to pedal continuously to activate the motor, but that reduces complexity in the system. On the upside, this bike offers regenerative braking and the motor is activated via torque sensor vs. the simpler pedalec system. It truly feels like you’re flying when you ride this bike but the price tag might drag you back down to Earth.


Powering the Stromer ST1 Platinum is a gearless 500 watt rear motor rated at 600 watts (which basically means you get extra power). Gearless motors coast silently and in this case, offer regenerative braking which extends range and reduces wear on the brakes. The brakes themselves are oversized hydraulic discs that work very well. The system is clean with minimal wires and cables that are integrated seamlessly below the downtube. It’s easy to fall for the aesthetic of this bike and forget it’s electric at all. If you’re a heavier rider, the motor will be capable of pulling you but note that the ergonomics are more aggressive and forward-leaning than a cruiser style bikes like the Pedego Interceptor.


The battery pack driving the motor on the Stromer ST1 Platinum delivers 36 volts of power and 14.5 amp hours of range in the form of Lithium Nickel Metal Hydride cells. Stromer offers an amazing three year warranty on this battery and you can also buy a second one to extend range for $700. All in all, this battery pack is average in terms of power and great in terms of distance. The LCD computer system that connects the battery with the motor is intuitive, sleek and well protected offering the standard speed, capacity and power settings you’d expect. There’s an on/off switch and two buttons for up and down which control the different pedal modes.

The truth about this bike is that it works much better than some of Stromer’s older designs like the Sport but it’s not perfect. For one thing, it’s heavy! weighing in at 62 pounds (a bit more with the shock absorber option). That’s due in part to the gearless hub motor which enables regenerative braking. If you compare this bike with the Easy Motion Neo Cross (which also has a shock absorber), you’d spend $1,200 less and save 14 pounds! Now you won’t get a three year warranty or a 14.5 amp hour battery… but the ride will be comparable and you’d gain twist throttle support.


Overall I’m very impressed with the Stromer ST1 Platinum but a little intimidated by the price tag… even if it is Swiss made. The bike is fun to ride, looks amazing, comes in multiple sizes for a good fit and the battery warranty is one of the best in the industry. Stromer has been around since 2010 and continues to refine their bikes. They now offer a City Kit with integrated lights, fenders and a rear rack with basket system but that costs even more. It’s also one of the few bike manufacturers setup to paint your company logo onto the frame as an option. If you’re looking for a top performer and can afford a bike that costs as much as the name implies, this might be a good fit.



Clean, focused design with limited clutter and complexity
Awesome regenerative braking system, extends range and reduces wear on brakes
Larger 14.5 amp hour battery will take you further than the Elite
Strong 500 watt motor 36 volt battery combination, battery is removable
Sturdy, oversized tires are puncture resistant and provide shock absorption when riding
High quality “City Kit” upgrade includes lights, fenders and rack + basket
Multiple frame sizes, including step-through, and two colors to choose from (black and white)
Awesome three year warranty on the battery pack
Ability to customize graphics on the frame if you pay extra
27 gears to choose from for all types of riding conditions
Optional front shock enables trail riding


Only supports pedal assist whereas other ebikes also offer a throttle mode
Bike is heavier than comparable ebikes, partially due to gearless hub motor vs. geared
Very expensive as compared with similarly specced electric bikes


Stromer ST1 Platinum, Rated 4.5 out of 5
Updated August 26, 2013 by Court Rye


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