Success! at the International Sportsmen’s Expo in SLC

We just finished a successful show at the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Salt Lake City.  On display was the all new OUTFITTER by FELT ELECTRIC.  This bike is a game-changer!

We are excited about the response as outdoor lovers recognize the new experiences and opportunities provided by an electric fat tire bike.  This bike allows riders to experience the outdoors in an a fun, quiet, clean, and environmentally friendly way that has never been available before.

If this is something you would like experience for yourself we invite you to come to one of our stores and take the bike for a test ride.  Or, if you like the idea but hunting isn’t your thing, come by our store and try one of our dozens of other styles of electric bicycles.  I guarantee you’ll love the ride.


OUTFITTER by Felt Electric

OUTFITTER by Felt Electric

Felt Outfitter eSpokes

OUTFITTER by Felt Electric: hunting ebike at eSpokes