Tim’s Top Tips for Commuting by eSpoke St. George Manager

Tim, our St. George manager, commutes to work everyday.  Everyday.  Rain or Shine. Moutains or Valleys.  Winter or Spring.  As of today he has over 6,425 miles on his Easy Motion Neo Race.  That doesn’t include 500-700 miles he’s put on other bikes he test rides.  In the last 2  1/2 years he has averaged 75-100 miles a week on his e-bike.

When Tim’s not commuting on his e-bike, he puts even more miles on his conventional bike; about 100-150 miles a week.  In short, he loves to ride. And, he knows how to commute.

I asked Tim for his top 5 commuting tips.  Not every e-commuter may be as dedicated to commuting as Tim, and yet, his tips are helpful for anyone planning their commute.

  1. Committ to Ride.  Tim explains that commuting is a life style.  He doesn’t wake up every morning and ask himself whether or not he wants to ride his bike to work today.  Instead, he plans on it. According to Tim, “when you commit to commuting you think of your day differently”.
  2. Use the Turn Lane.  Always stay to the right of the right white lane line when riding on the road, but when you come to an intersection use the turning lane like you would in your car to make left-hand turns.
  3. Maintain Your Bike. Tim encourages riders to check tire pressure weekly, lube your chain, and clean your bike on a regular basis. “Just like your car likes to be washed”, Tim shares, ” Your bike appreciates it, too. When your bike is clean it runs better”.
  4. Have the Proper Gear.  Part of committing to work is making sure you have the proper gear to get there. You’ll likely need panniers for carrying your laptop or work materials, and a bike rack to hold your panniers. Having fenders on your wheels is also helpful. They keep your work wear clean.  Remember your sunglasses. Also, as the days get shorter, make sure you have the proper lighting so you are clearly visible on your way home.
  5. Dress for Weather. The average commute is about 20-30 minutes. Proper clothing helps you get to work ready to work. On hot afternoons and if you are riding longer than 30 minutes, use sun block.  In contrast, when it’s under 60 degrees, dress in layers, or (if you aren’t wearing your work clothes) keep your feet and legs dry with knee warmers or full tights. Tim shares, “My favorite times to ride is in the rain because it’s so quiet. If I hear there is rain in the forecast, I’ll throw my rain pants, rain coat, and shoe covers in my bag.”  One last tip on dressing for weather: if you are wearing your work clothes to work, Tim suggests packing a change of clothes for the ride home.  This way you can skip the gym and use your commute home to get in more of an active ride.


Using these tips will help you commute like a pro.  If you have any commuting questions, feel free to call Tim at our St. George store, (435) 688-1830.

Happy commuting.

Tim's Top 5