Winter Bike Riding Essentials–our Top Picks

Cycling Apparel for Cold Weather

Be comfortable in all weather conditions.

Nothing is worse than being cold while you ride.  With our winter bike riding essentials you or your loved one can stay warm and enjoy the ride in any weather.

1. Before you leave home, be sure to grab your Windstorm gloves to keep your fingers warm.

2. A windproof jacket is key!  Cycling jackets are longer through the sleeves and back and designed to keep you warm coming and going.

3. Keep the wind and water off your legs.  Cycling pants are designed to go over your pants and keep you comfortably warm.

4. Protect those toes.  Toe warmers or booties are easy to slip on and off your shoes and are perfect for keeping your feet warm while protecting your shoes.

5. Keep your head dry.  Use a waterproof helmet cover with headband to keep your head warm and dry.

6. Be Seen!  Wear bright colors and use good cycling lights.  You’ll want a great headlight and an even better tail light.  This is one area you don’t want to scrimp on.

We recommend the following Commuting Package:

Windstorm Gloves by Bellwether – $39.99

Velocity or Coldfront Jacket by Bellwether – $37.50 or $119.99

Aqua-No Pants by Bellwether – $89.99

Toe Warmers by Bellwether – $29.99

Aqua-No Helmet Cover by Bellwether – $29.99

2-Layer Headband by Bellwether – $17.99

Metro 360 Headlight and taillight by Cygolite – $84.95

Reflex 5 Mode Taillight by CatEye – $29.99